Part 3- Who Keeps The Dog? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 2nd

Listen to part 3 regarding new state laws going into effect in 2018, such as in Illinois that has a new law saying pets will be treated more like kids during a divorce, and could be subject to partial or joint custody. Should pets be treated like kids in a divorce? Listen to more of your calls! 


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We haven't got on the phone though that wants to weigh in on this this morning empowered at a 3.5 and yes sir you agree with me sir do you agree where's what you'll start. You don't sorry memory hanging on the. Oh or. I don't know it. Three out of there are those things no matter what so let me make sure I understand you're already built for a divorce. When it comes with them now but I seem to TC hijackers I don't. Turns out there what about probably made it. Okay what you've already got a an exit strategy. On who gets the dogs that. An important got. Two Sadr. Which means is how long you've been married church. We've been run. Further it'll mean. She's thinking let and I am okay. I completely understand my eighth anniversary is coming up this year and hell I forgot my boxer. But since and Community Colleges enrolling now for the upcoming term. Take classes and Hutchinson.