Part 3 - You're Still Friends With My Ex? The HItman and Carla

Monday, February 12th

Is it okay that an ex is still around because they're friends with your family? Listen to part 3 of the full conversation and your calls now!

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You guys keep calling. About the conversation. Went into this tournament and it started when there's an OK to be friends. We'll remembers. What family members I'm the next thing that I ex boyfriend girlfriend husband wife for whatever. But you're still friends what their family members is that okay if I should. It's perfectly fine and Karl on FaceBook they're weighing in on the conversation as well and also agree with me on pace for. Low low low low not everybody out shout out to bring she did it's she's like I'm petty. So they should leave my family alone play is most people are green race with him and well and Carlos say yes I. It's it's not okay resolution does not okay and to be friends with the Texas family. And and volunteer on Twitter if you like to agree with me there are 93 prime Wichita so forget about me green but we have been hard crash. To find anyone call this morning. At 869 commanding three to. According if you will with car you for adding that in him. And you know what I'm talking about. We've got some people have been dying to get on the yes you're great with me you agree with Carla and that's. Did some not okay. 23 friends with your family with Fiat Texas family members. Grid Carla place it here relationship in Anchorage didn't blow anything up in Ontario and. That's kind of excuse me hey Tom can I ask your personal question yes how old are your. I think unencumbered hard as he's been so wise as a young means thank you know. Thank you don't appreciate it received the calls don't do any anger you know yeah. Children. That's important but what do you think I admit I. Thank you you have to be eleven or twelve million years old. I don't need an apparent that you I want to reiterate my point I'm Carla had an eleven year old girl who agree with more. Clearly didn't make very Elam look at and you go huh. Yeah yeah yeah trying things but now I only okay great.