Part 4 - Kids Breaking Things - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, June 19th

What is the most expensive thing you or your kid broke? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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We've had a ton of phone calls this morning from all you guys have been some great stories and it's exciting dramatic grief we got Olivia on the thought not you or somebody you know break something expensive. Our intrusion on my act. Gee how well you obviously he's playing against taking out drag anything like that certainly shared. I don't really put in natural and pushed down the street and them away and outrage then I'm not need to drop the training and it that I could get back into the right and that's. Thanks bill we know. So loses no no I know you have been like 3000 dollars. Hey man you had you cynic today and released just drags and again proud I am good Douglas. And what does drive home exactly what do you do what you just cruised down the street you know expressions summertime you know back then use our girls who went you have. I think Paula dragging. I don't think we're at currently in many hot rod never reverend James chance and many other strand. Aren't actress that would be gone as good as anybody would bat early. Or even the old cars move faster through these low for him I think generally speaking. That things are rather slow. There America Bill Hall also. Right yeah. It's a bad news. DuPont com and our. The so we overrun with Jessica desirable yeah. Literally zero. Oh yeah.