Part 4 - Mike and LaTonya Facebook Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, February 8th

The drama continues with part 4 of today's dilemma. Mike called in hoping to get some advice about his girlfriend, LaTonya, who never shows him love on social media! Listen to the full story and all the phone calls from this morning. 

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We have called Mike's number. Got off the phone with him. We recorded the call. This is what happened. I think we have somebody come from right now what you mean look good Tonya you. Good morning I'm. And don't give us as the hit man and Carla how many 3.5 I want you to know that we're recording this phone calls can we continue this conversation because we might be using this phone call on here. Sure. I'm nice can I wanna establish some things first are you currently in a relationship with a guy name Mike. I don't think. Okay you might have been together allow for reporting to him for she just two months. From where he can wealthiest you know into the play well would be a better way to put it worry that we're okay that's not how we understand that for Mike Mike tells us that you are his girlfriend and users who are there any relationship. That we hear about security much thought that helped carry my Treo everywhere it and we are green and we got a lot of listeners call this morning he's friend said he's still and you will not pose any pictures that all of you forget there are your FaceBook page but do you have a blister on your social ways that the to a New York bitter relationship to what's gonna tell us. Well first of August 3 with that we don't put all pretty well it's Monday Lou I. Com and honeymoon localized I'm sorry but I actually you might earn not on this. Clearly we are Brad something's better their country. Like I said earlier Mike is very upset and he shared or that's really had a conversation with you too which at all. Crime we asked a question if you did not respond he's at Taiwan. Susan what he's said to us either you start putting pictures of the tour immune to get going you're FaceBook or it's over him because will be sent. I told her that she needs to post these pictures and show the world to work couple more. It's over. Now let Tonya I wanna remind you. We're live blog radio right now you just heard what my eyes shut on our air last hour what you have to sit and. It up on a year to Black History Month of the airport that. Surely your not on the corner of Hitler what. What made him like we totally terrified that. So let me saying that you're not going to post some pictures might Susan if you don't the relationship so birth. Well aren't good are aren't. You can yeah. My mom I can't see you Mike Dunleavy. I had the first. You shot one not beyond that FaceBook face at all. I just don't handle yourself and I do not mean the pictures up. Are you airs tonight not so it's over from right in the car and went though you still have. 00 I don't know. They're more patient to see why no. When I guess my Tanya has a life and she got away for not about that. I'm about them who are responsible for that is him and I don't know he told us we totally will go to call heard this morning she knows she's on her. Now podium that was between me and him. But that's another strike if you can pull yeah yeah. Yeah okay well look and I guess there's not really much you can sit here. Through all girls we're sorry we had a need this the. I'm shocked. I really.