Part 4 - Name Brand Clothes for Kids? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, July 12th

With back-to-school shopping upon us, are name brand clothes necessary? Listen to this morning's dilemma and everyone's phone calls, including a 12 year girl who got a little too disrepectful with Hitman!

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Already 3.5 to come Mormon play Elsa. My wife was upset. All is she your bloom program only men are moderated and always she's saying. She showed her friends that texture. And her friends are grad truth are you meant to have had. Fusion movie I'd been called worse yeah. All you know. Which I cannot reviewed over here so. Sharif. That's life sick just really a guaranteed right now with the matter at least one moment. Are all kids in designer clothes mom and dad the stress of going back to school shopping and try to get closer to kids wanna error. Our name bring clothes really necessary. And mean him and are on different sides of the spectrum because he's like no they don't matter at all while I wish. That was the case I think it does not matter. Like with adults won't meet personally I don't care what kind of brain that is quite honestly if it was good Tommy looks good on me don't carry the name brand how expensive it was. It's cheap and Alex and I got some good well I'm marketed. But kids. Are more words they're ruthless they do pre judge and they don't care and their meat Keenan okay for the most part we showed we. Dear friends and peers this morning okay got a mama called and she's got a sixteen year old daughter and her thirteen year old daughter in the car with her right now Abu OPEC. And sold the sixteen year old and thirteen year old these are two daughters. They wanna comment on whether close Matta first of sixteen year old lawyer wanted thing. That it closed out early period. Of variable that in I think it's people like you bigots like you don't error. I think yeah great group. I mean I don't know you. You were raised right Greg met a young mom every single day you know I know mama raise your right thank you. I'm very theme and acting it. I. A knowing that. You. I'll. Bet you are OK I know. I think we're honestly I bridges to girl like you did AT&T. Even maturity in the age difference.