Part 4 - Tattoo Permission - The HItman and Carla

Thursday, July 19th

Should you have a say-so in whether on not someone can get YOUR name tatted on THEIR body? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning! 

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That's an important time. 1010 and pro. Still getting calls about a dilemma from my cell with one of our listeners. Jose family members and they're not directly related she's married into the family birthday or wants to give. First signature full signature tattooed on her body. If she's got to broaden to answer the question lunch. Should people have to say it over whether or not. They can put your name tad too revving your name on their bodies are I think absolutely. In fact. I submit a challenge to the Kansas legislature can really pass some laws which he. Left and there should be in the law offices. In order to get someone's name tattooed on your body you need to produce. A document. They give us a view to express written permission on which to do so. Your the tide to go as far as to say someone's signature tattooed on their without your permission as forgeries. I thank you. Absolutely and I say no way it is freedom of expression and it's your skin this is my skin see this get way. One way the tired of the husbands got some X walk around town does the last name tattooed album on the back or neck so. It. Is that's her problem 86910. Adding three. We have had a lot of people calling in this morning and agree with me we have a way be on the phone she's. Foaming began in this conversation. What do you think girl is this okay. I think he. It's really need to get it may not mean it like I would that it freedom at each street in manic depression and are that yeah I mean you don't get too caught up they worried about what everybody out there doing their. Hit their own body and all of our man yeah. I don't hanging and in I don't get every guy I'm not worried about what's your door Holland but I do not want you to put my name calling nobody. IMAX. That is today but that's your personal friends. My needs and they got married in the county eyebrow my name out and he got the way I wrote my name up tattooed on his neck like I'm excited neck and he's okay that we ever play that he was gonna get that no number you know what they're gonna wind. Let that I'm combat my name you know like you know and. Well. No hold on I'm somewhat impressed with the husband quite frankly because even go lean into this he. Have been exit strategy I can't I can't really doesn't. Let's go there and they're seniors tonight. That's going to end I don't I didn't think that it got me either I saw a lot. I think you're not gonna get one erosion garment they get on the cleaver you know one of those now holes serves you know somewhere underneath. Now I'm gonna luck I know my kid's name is not gonna I know that other. After thirteen years of being with this man what I'm saying that now thirteen years later. Thank you wouldn't be more oracle less inclined to tattoo has been wonderful. I would probably more or client as all eyes turning Aaron troubles don't last name fool. My back they bring light stick though how many people run around with the public life and kept it out over them and I'm like hey that's my back thanks. You know I think it's great after thirteen years that's where your act that's awesome thank you are here and god bless you for being married so long man that's our work and yet so I don't word you know. Cowardly thank you for agreeing with me this morning welcome. Call. It I don't. Get. Out or did she really just a big stadium I'll. Injured it is she who.