Part 4 - Tyson Calls Back ! The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 26th

Tyson called back to update us on his cheating dilemma. Listen now for the 4-1-1 and everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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One lady is calling me out right now she's waiting to get some years since we talked about this last hour trying to grow you're on it that it. Something is wrong with it. And you weren't 68 get killed that's right I think he's had his case and some pie and a couple cookies as well and some ice cream. So greedy. Is doing the most. That's coworker is used to investigate but it. And teach you business goalie people that get thicker but every information. Egypt Ghana called me in Thailand a bit of work greener and I've made a mistake. We'll leave that up that they slack from him that's the consensus style he's not he's got the coworker put it keeps bringing him mounted since billionaire and everything and it's kind of curve but this is perfectly northern Africa they weren't. System. Typically does it say it would be that in order Rick Barnes I can't pick Arabs to. I tried to tell me I apologize here right now he just would have done when I tournament do in the first place he would let me my situation some bad blood but you're absolutely correct. Oh thank you. I you know. I also like to frustrate the clouds are connected to. Let's get another cup for the T FEMA. I think it's. Got its united news out of here are some things you're right you're not right. All both. You amend it took a big enough money for a good from yeah. You always yeah. But yet. Yeah you know what hit in the head trying to protect you think you. No luck. I'm learning yes thank you appreciate you don't think you're Bloomberg defeated the difference.