Police Chief Gordon Ramsay Visits The Power Morning Playhouse

Thursday, April 20th

Police Chief Gordon Ramsay visits the Power Morning Playhouse to discuss upcoming events in the community.


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Here is the entire 93 point five and have talked about it all morning super excited so we had a poll seems weird. Think you for joining us happy to be there series I Arnie warned don't think I'm totally just freaking out these dizzy and inside just suggests fresh. A fact on which you talked how much you interact with the community the fact that you really tried to reach out and asked people you know what he's saying girl how do you think we can improve what do you think we can do you've really just been awesome for our city so thank you shout out to missed circles fourth grade class at woodland magnet you and visited that. What grade class my feet favorite fourth grade class right now this goes for their good behavior correct so I have to ask if like our aim. Good let's say I'm not late to work for the next like mine and stuff I can usually appear in my car rats Tim Mann Lincoln day eat and just Iran in the back of the squad car we just signed. We just follow him and if. Yeah we've got Al. Just are not out there like the next month maybe I just. What I earns something and we can we Massa hit man somehow that would really just makes my patient and think about it mull it over and tell me how you feel later. They're different I've got to ask about this I'm new thing that's kind of happening I saw on the news and I wanna continue to chat with you about it since I got to hear how much does help for this kind dense partnered up with law enforcement. Well this is a community effort that partnered with us in an effort to you know help produce violence right a lot of people look at polices the star in and of all the violence in our communion. You know it's not just about police we are part of it. But we need to do more together and and get this stuff early on before it escalates yeah so I appreciate. Angel Martinez. And his partners that are putting this together they spent a lot of time on that this is a well intended event really to bring people together. Yeah up and went in what we're trying to that is that there is going to be a piece events that's going to be next weekend and that's going to be a plain view park park on April 29 and that's right next evergreen park. On April 30 so we want the 29 in in the thirty S and this is gonna have everything firms sued prize is the raffles. And others even a freestyle battle with its. I can't personally email at if you have talent like you should go shuttered tower you can hang out sit south everybody there really seems to be seen lately of just kind of getting people together to interacting and see what we can get. Right we'll have thought police there they'll be a car show. And just an opportunity for people get together when there isn't a crisis right the more prevention month and a better. With everything Penske made it happen we've got a lot of problems going on right now summer for trying seventeen is on the way you have some hopes or goals for the police force in the community for this summer. Floods continue to build relationships right to build on trust and just get to know each other and you know make our community better we'd go on the good things going right now that I feel we've got some momentum going. Feel we have seen an uptick in some. Some of the recent gang violence and were were working on in and that's why these community events there really aren't we need to focus on though is you know more opportunities for kids after school weekends. You know those kids there are too young to work yeah I yet need some structure. And then also look at employment opportunities for our kids are old enough to work. We have to see youth employment program coming up your shortly overrule mission. We want to do our music to know about these opportunities and take advantage of them so they're not just hanging out on the street we do. Mean I don't kind of guy that can you just a little out I and I. And I utilized in working with us on some events for weekend nights also to get kids off the I mean little more structure program at a place sports. In a safe environment so a lot of these great community partners are coming together well delight of well there's a lot. My favorite summer flattened so the summer camps that we are part of the we've got a number of officers again together and they spend a week with kids and they're in plainclothes the kids think they're camp counselors and they build these strong. None of the Friday. The officers come in wearing their uniform and the kids mounts all on the floor in their like you're a police officer on the only got to know them in this counselor role this and not. It's probably one of the best programs we get a reason this is called. Well I say it's a summer camp we put on it's I'll give you more information and put on your I need all the information because I love this idea to a number of these camps and really the word out and it's been done. It it's nothing new it's been done here for. A number of years and very successful it hasn't gotten the attention that you know I think it should because really it's going to now because now we're on board and so he'd be ready for that. That's great thank you. This is awesome and you know it really helps is there is sometimes a stigma when you put on the uniform and you get out there you know. Especially between what kids here these kids hear a lot of parents we think they're not listening they always are. And sometimes they think oh that's a policeman so he's gonna take me way or that's a bad person not a good person. That's a good person that works 24/7. To try and protect you sell. This can't sounds like now sweet kind of remove that stigma yet does sometimes police officers have just for simply putting on the uniform right. Yeah this is so cool won't find out more information about this camp and more things that are gonna go on the summer. I should just have you on one's not and then you can just tell us what she again I'd be happy to come back anyway you'll just call that would shaken wit the pleas of. Mean really make him against to a I don't know how you have that camera follow Greg Eminem mark get a mark karma follow him in oh god please make this happen. I mean come off I'm sure you all read a lot he's and I could not pray now he doesn't even know Laura tight inner mountain is an amazing like I will have a video camera ready for this moment it'll be honest about it. It. Thank you so much for joining us if you guys have any questions. Our concerns for our police chief if you guys want to you call it next time when he comes on we'll have some callers Ian we can have some fun but sacks from this information about. Arnold thank you we got more coming up with parent any 3.5.