Rise Up for Youth

Monday, April 17th

Rise Up For Youth, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is:
To inspire and motivate future generations to unlock their full potential through education, mentoring, and empowerment.

Rise Up For Youth empowers the next generation through two programs:

CLASS and Do You Want To Live Or Die? 


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It's time for imperil Wichita I'm Karen any 3.5 and I've got to guilty of victory this morning it's been a hot minute since they've been in so we gonna catch up. And see what's gone on with rice for use. And some special events that are getting ready to happen now if you don't know the guilty story. Then you might have been living under Iraq in which talked for quite some time because. They have done incredible things in this city they've been recognized. Not just by people in the community but leaders Presidents. Of the United States of America itself let me welcome David and Lynne hi I. Doral and then I went to silk. Tell everybody that's listening just a little bit about Reza for youth demo and what you guys have done. With your lives because you really do you have an incredible story. Incredible journey and had to share for those that may not know the whole shebang. Well. Star David and my right here. Is a 501 C three charitable organization. Our mission is to inspire motivate future generations to unlock their potential to education. Mentoring and empower me and we do that due to a signature programs but program which is class. That stands for caring lady assisting students to succeed. And Davis program. You only regard you know straight took a plot two point report. I think 2.0 is needed to you know and I mean I mean I am I know we talked about this before vet with do you want to liver died I think the reason many needs to be. So blunt is because the situation is blunt. So give us kind of just a scope of what you guys dale. Well. Do you have a di is and for high schools we had north east and west of show case. We expand a program to where we picked up more students now I'm currently. About a hundred intend young men in the pro auctioneer. And it's going good. We we go college tour as we just introduced to a prison we do a little bit. The prison tour is the workshops. We've brain and grace because we have the chief of police last Friday come in cheap brands. And he did a great job in you know we try to bring in a lot of people to speak to life back into these young man ignores them. That whatever adversity going through they steal graduate from high school and multiple secondary education or military are just get a job. But our main go to estimation they graduate and status is still meant deftly the graveyard. So how does this start I mean obviously as a married if you guys didn't now it's let's. Else. You guys get together he beat them each other's support systems through life and then did you guys just sit down dinner I didn't like it let's start changing everybody else's life DO. Well you know for me I got my that could. We had a passion I'll struggle with a drug addition of the digital cracked homeless sixteen years and went to jail additional prison time man. Just last their last go around my house got rated. Just straight out to god and actually give me a second chance alive and I've dedicated my life to work or young man and have live access and that was in. 2008. 2000 that's incredible September 2000 I would never forget that day in and my story is just like Davidson I had some unfortunate set things circumstances happen in my life as a jab that. You know really directed some of the bad negative choices that I made and just not having that. Adult role model in my mind I think it really. I think it really allowed me to make some bad choices and I. And you know I Davis and we ended up incarcerated in and that and that a lot of time in prison and I know for me was it was. You know it was an awakening in my jail cell where you know I too cried out and says you know god if you give me out of this situation. I would dedicate my life to helping young girls not end up like me. And that miracle happened in the courtroom. I was given eighteen months probation I have lived accent I'm keeping my promise and I am motivating that educating young girls just. Choose education and healthy lifestyle be it. These are two of the most positive people I've ever met and what's really great is that even a medium now through your radio and what's awesome now is that. These organizations are in Wichita this is kids in our community these are people that we spent our lives west. And what's awesome is this didn't just give recognize that you guys work your butts off this is something that the Coke Brothers recognize this is something that the president. Not this president does yeah the popular president of the united stink pretty nice as Barack Obama. Got a White House. And love will. It was humbling experience I may because I'm on our panel was to women that come in from. Corporate companies then and that are gone wonderful wonderful things in their community so it was definitely a humbling expansion. That asks you know Richie taos community. Was recognized. In Washington DC yeah it was pretty asked them and I met some wonderful women and I'm just grateful that. You know not only do our community recognize the work that we do. Debt but then they get that national attention. From me that tells other communities. Then it is time to really rise up for our youth because they are future. And believe in it's other. Outside surrounding areas that are looking to have us come. We've been asked to come to Kansas City and speak as some high school is there really relying on how to mimic some of the work there we do anyway well in the travel wherever we can't do. To speak life into young people hill so wanna start to think I work we do. Because you know you can't even if you don't give aways we really wanna you know out of reach out to other counties cities stays wherever people call we will have to go ahead. He's sure you know the blessing because this truly needed not only here which at all but throughout the whole concert. So of their parents that are listening remaining maybe their teams that are listening right now and they know that. They've made some bad decisions and there's no shame in that there's machines and a bad choices us. Life happens and we get to use certain circumstances. And there's this moment everything counted again here. How this happened so what can people do to contact you guys are to get in touch with TO. Well we are and rise up for youth we are on. In our league it's building. At 2418 east ninth. Just come manages you know that you haven't traveled with your daughter or your son on your knees or your nephew or your little cousin moved in you see it shaft. This makes around choices just come down to that. Little bill than on ninth and grow and ask for David and land at Verizon actually use them are more than happy to help any any Chavis in need of some encouragement or some motivation to it to make the right source says. And we didn't force her to even help deals sometimes yeah remain focused on young people work there's been times we adults come in there and we stabilize and then selects one difference. We you know we we look forward to is this given what was so. Freely given to that we wanna get back anywhere we can. And it never is really never too late to change. I I changed late in life from you know some of the choices that I made but it just goes to show you that you know it is just never too late. To change. Hope definitely does not have a major stress RA. And a so any time. And we both enterprises programs that are involved in rise of for youth and everything you received you visit college campuses you guys and visit prisons you guys have different speakers. Yes those of events that are coming. Yes so we need to talk about extra time is coming up with his quickness and it's happening well we've got to have tournaments the first went in the April 08. And this is a luncheon. And this is going to be with class isn't how real. Well assistant is cut the name of this event is called sisterhood of queens. And it's so wonderful. Opportunity I did the first tee dead. Stewart was in 2009. And it was then Mac and it's recreation center so to actually see how this event has. Evolve yeah it is quite a blessing but this year. In this April the eighth and it will be at the holiday and 549. Rob broad. We will serve lunch and he gives us an opportunity I'm Miranda is really a platform to recognize the girls in the program and and an up and of course our seniors. That are graduating and going into the world and so as an opportunity to showcase them. And this an opportunity to. Give back to them so we give them educational scholarships. And we got so in this program recognized. The good word that people are doing an art community so we recognized a woman that is done wonderful things and an organization this year. Just let's assess would be recognized. And they can't this Hispanic leadership and development foundation. We'll be recognized as a way out but I'm just excited about the keynote speakers that's come. So tell how well DJ this year we have miss or Wanda do grant them. I affectionately known as mom and Durant yeah yeah he's that real NDP cell she's comment to speak. On it could be in a single parent. And raising two sons and of course. My son is it's a and business yeah but once I was a businessman and then of course. Kevin Durant MBA. Basketball player for the golden immediately there's somebody told us they Wyatt I'm sure you've got that lucky again again says she's our men and I'm excited to have Arnott communities and I just hope we get a lot of people to come out and support. Of course this is at a queens and rise up to used and the girls in the program and and show momma direction. I love that he picked because client. You know especially for the seniors there's a lot of decisions once you leave high school and it's a lot of pressure high and you know there's there's this big hurry. And this has caused you to decide your life and now I'm for me and a lot of bad decisions for me a lot of good decisions. So I think that's really cool that you have some minutes talking not feeling and I also about success and you know it's not easy growing up and being young woman you're expected to be a lot of things. And you're expected to be a lot of things all ones and it's a lot sit there and try to try to handle on not not. I Hartford I still. But I just never experienced being a girl so I don't let. I don't know the four guys deal thanks so it's a lot and it's so cool that you guys are gonna have like he very needed to see this. If you want more information if you wanna be part of this. And you want to hear the keynote speaker you just gonna say hey and tell everyone that you're proud of them. Especially to the graduating seniors if you wanna take partisan thing that helps out the community you can get information this is gimme the polity in east. And there's going to be a really really really cruel. Cool vibe that just happens after you so you wanna find out peaking at a rise up for youth dot org yes you can also call for 40925. Times. With any questions as 440955. Erisa pre dot org that's only event which I. And now we've also got to this developing every man's opportunity. On April 29 Tommy about even months. Flip largely non and we will be hosting eighth annual demo conference it develop and every man's opportunity that's what demos stands for. And we don't do is showcase the young men in the program give out scholarships recognize that seniors have a great lashing out taco Basra. Enjoy it but they out. Any talk. I have some day we'll have some of the young man performing have a young man as well give a testimony. We got a young man who's going to be planned this and jazz is people come in in the program in the case similar talent. We also got a great great speakers. Named Julie down ball out of derby then maybe their wives. Heard and a store robbery from her phone company. And she's gonna be the keynote speakers she's gonna share her story. It is never heard a powerful story before you really need to come here Juli dawn bombing. It's unbelievable round sphere and icy as a lady that monster hands interlaced. But you can tell by our spirit some believe I never met a lot of like that. Is going to be from noon to 230 at the Metroplex. And moved from the Boys and Girls Club played the Boys and Girls Club follows the years thank you program tomorrow. Well as fast as we move into the national flags and we'd like to have all the man a young man and especially those guys come out and lazy if you wanna come here gracefully you're a little surprised yeah please come out. In here testimony that your body change a whole lot of people's lives. We you know what sometime we can take allies are granted just listen to our story make you think twice about you know taking your life for granted. Now yeah situations she's been there. Just like your life can change and in 12 coming in and you. Wake up and you talk about today and you know your whole life change. Yeah and she Timmy and I honestly. Got really really. Affected by her when she spoke at the trial I. Involving the person here had charter because this. With something where she could have been very bitter and very angry. But she she provided just different sense where it was more or less like this will not be what destroys me and it was incredible. But I think also for her to be keynote speaker this is something where. Heard perhaps you're the person that makes destructive choices meteor that person and he tends GO. Leave others in your wake that this is someone hill. Refused. To be you know damaged by house but also. Refused to be the victim this time she rose above it there's so much to learn from that mentality Eleanor all sides of the yeah like it's just. Incredible and you can actually listened to her speech she's been interviewed all over I mean you name at lake near times BBC USA today. This woman's been talked about everybody. But she's from Kansas. I mean I wish talk. And I think we should come out and support specialists yeah us from our community that and that have a story like. And we don't it was going to be a blast and you have the chief of police from time to achieve which is he's a great he's not he can easily answer out about him very. But you know we have some great sponsors. Without response yeah yeah. We definitely got pile on as we our hearts we got. The puppets who we are told we've got. Volunteer chairs as you know anyway. We got people there really really. Our great sponsors it and support the work that we do in our community helping our young people. So has sought to all of the sponsors and all the people that support rise of for you. I have some great great sponsors and talent they've been named a human I have to give a shout outs to coat Cox Davis more spirit. Boast an NC and Commerzbank delta dental and of course WA TC that. Is recognized in an honor and our seniors. At the advance so we have a great community that really cares about argued yeah and and this shows because they stepped they step up to the plate and they give back to these key it. Is appealing credible now like that you're naming. And you know stop certain analytical guy. I've never let it ride you know doesn't feel crazy when you look back and think this all started from an idea. It really does but it just shows you know if you do the right things and do our work our work hard and and just keep your promise you know I'm just gonna keep your rear you know you have a great guy you know these programs when even existed. You know. And for us to continue doing the work that we do. Is is mind boggling to you had these type responses support what you. And I and it really is there really isn't like. Has gotten and I think that in the back in 2009. Out. That famous mock kitchen man in our community. I'm looking met at the pictures and I'm thinking in 2009. Big girls were sitting on the floor. My neck Adams regulations there. And then fast forward it to 2016. We are 1617. We are in the holiday and so I'm Davis did it does go to show. That determination and commitment. And and true heart work. It does pay I mean you have a vision that's for anybody out there if you have a vision. And and you think that he can't come choose to stay true to it or cars they committed and it will happen. And I and also ordered take my hat off to markets remain because he has captured every year from the you yes and without his show. It is a lot of rules which is that we hang Ewing had. Yeah I appreciate your own coming out and supporters also because he does a great job of taking great pitchers injured in the kids' lives and yeah when he they know how to Apollo. I had no cups. Does the said he. We don't even think about catch it and then we see that the video Laura. The pitches it's like wow that was a good credit not just priceless. You know first you know Verizon used to do we had today is and it's doomed to a also I agree more we have a great Borg that supports our vision and omniscient we're not a great board is hard to do any kind and a. Or can't forget our rock our rights abuse that she now. I think the you know we may be the pace of rise FE is that we could not do the work without the wonderful staff that we have they work hard they work hard tore to have was do we. And believe it or not they spring break is coming and we thought. Orlando for spring break boys and girls and. We knew I leave tomorrow. I leave tomorrow how close up at 5 o'clock in the morning we're taking over seventy key it still is it. We want to land a judge in Manchester Tennessee in Little Rock, Arkansas how we will be traveling visiting morehouse spelman. Myers Arab American cars and a car. Yeah. So it yes a trip for me even panicky. Nor did the famous Gatorade from HDL also tonight is looking forward to set. Can you know we can do it out Japan's it has after the prayers were allowed me kids be in a program yeah I got out and kids when we arrived there for you. So I have to give a shot outside of the young people there's your sister and brother class and you'll remember Dai. We've got a sister and brother that in the screws with the kids now who do you live at nine class yourself on a riser for you to. We appreciate all the trans allow owners they're the young ones to be in a program. Ian and of course. You know other schools I USD 25. Hats off to our news and I knew. Superintendent. Andy at ten we we just we just want to work hard to get these kids across the stage and and to you know give them. Opportunities to. To just have choices man. I think that's where this spring break college tour does it gives them options some of these kids that never left you does that come Yasser did you see you laugh. Saying does not always seem colleges they get that's the other cities and states that they probably know about the way you go see my visit. You know that's classic and that repairs can take them there but sometimes my own thing that we don't know in my. I'm glad when you have opportunity you know to go to those places and we just asked accused of maintain a 2.0. Stay out of trouble and keep your Grey's you eligible to go. We don't ask my child whom can we this is always going to kid is we appreciate you being in a program and they. Are tar anywhere where our younger we're very ours so so with everything we've with the board with years past. And with you guys what are you hoping for for 2017. Verizon for youth. I think. I had him when I. I know for me toll seventeen. I would like to see our program expand and have a high schools and hire more staff so to strain can be way bigger than what it is yeah this is not about. Yeah me and it's about the key is Lucerne. And they got a lot of young people out there and not in our program doesn't always we were at their screw. So I look up to be at both schools and health resource is also you know drills and drills gets some opportunities. To go to college tourism to the workshop and meet other people are celebrities. The cities and states can. And that is that is a tough you know that is attempting land. You know I young lady comes up to means right well I wanna being your program it an act fast almost Moskovciak and you know say that you know scoop then I'm Manny and and if so that's a tough one because you don't human right. Yeah exactly exactly so that's that is a great was that we have for 2017 is to Vietnam they used to it and. I don't want that hey you know we do have a kid that comes to us on that I don't and I don't turned out yeah he then you can come thick and I don't know. That child circumstances and if we can just help home anyway we can't we do it now and you know me and and we didn't. Alan mentioned those who lose we go every. Whatever they call us we gonna show up Deanna and his while. Out of draft and out let's go Louisiana we've got to show up because you know I younger generation need us and we wanna be careful. If you guys are just catching this you can listen to this interview on the web site power 95 dot com. Just click on power and rise of for you you can actually find out about both events. If you want to volunteer if you wanna become part of class or do you wanna live or die you can Tony if you wanna put some money towards this. You don't protect you have time volunteer you have kids that you love this if you love this messaging you want to be a part of that don't read checking. Even known it from their website just go to rise up. For youth dot York okay. Raise it for you dot org journalists in this interview again we'll have it on her website. And then of course you wanna miss the events and these are both happening in the month of April also without first up. April that eight is the first event of this is for the class seniors. And this is going to be something that's good because it's the ninth annual sister at a queens event. And then we've also got the developing every man's opportunity. And this is happening April 29 and that's that issue. Metropolitan complex they've got keynote speakers for both events. And it's just gonna be really cool you can find out about everything in its away to you. Give him power it's awaits you shouldn't get into the community and reach out to each other help. And if you wanna find out more you can always contact figure keys or any of the staff and residents for youth dot org some guys aren't there any thing in the former. How does like to say you know your support helps us take these kids on the dollar stores. Give scholarships. There rotate bring you those speakers still to help these kids out anyway we cancel the support is. Greatly needed to help these kids get to the next level. Thank you that this finances say. Thank you Richard Todd thank you find your support and and to Cy Young encouragement that you give us. So that we can continue to empower these kids I'm excited about this year is quaint today. That theme is if you work in my shoes yeah. If you Graham marsh is not subject to really. While one now and one of these kids shoes can give you a whole different perspective so. Please come out support the kids my we have our student jasmine Marten she would give her personal testimony in his very very powerful. So. Thanks Wichita. And we like to thank you nine injury I. Always solid seven. They come when you're on your show we love coming we love you guys hit man you guys we thought hey why are. So we appreciate everything you do for runs and you. Truly love you guys and I just I think Clinton again for me to dance and I was pregnant he says China sea is it was. Soon features support resident freed dot or check out everything you can make a donation today and you can also catch this interview. Power 95 dot com you're listening to empower Wichita on power in any 3.5.