Saturday Night Showcase with Skyylow

Monday, January 15th

Saturday Night Showcas with Skyylow


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This news. Well that's pretty nice showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's pretty big says the decision is supporting. Slug localize its power. She voiced guy low man. And basically not been going on music for seventeen years now it now yeah came out smashes things VIP. Believe more fans are here would definitely on this and any tune in because this is exactly what they want in the yeah. I'm glad to beat humans are to be here today I made an arm problem actually has artists are quietly expressly as a writer. Com and I started just with the RBI. And didn't. What happened was probably our ears and Cindy writing in Indian musicians. I had so little get some everything as a whole cultural and three jobs so more people in him. Beaten and not just a local artist little mainstream artists as well so you know my right and as things game. Changed everything he exited as it has been hard but I've been humble about it and Carl Cameron tracked regulars need this. What I had to build that you probably wouldn't endorse certain big mom accompanied radio companies and stuff like that moment and you know music does send off and you know decades. Feedback and what I needed to do their job done that so now you know things a little better for me I am tennis. This didn't has been a rough demo it's good things coming out of him lessons from out of their man this. March transitional are there's been a great transition to Goldstein manages it has this goods and as bad as Manhattan arsonist doused. I hit a lot of Delores is who has who has down and I was never going to be able to give any weird because they don't. I have the knowledge behind that talent it can be put that dog don't know about these tomorrow I don't know how has cabs. And you know look writer's house or anything like that so. You know what my suggestion to all those lower heart sizzle passionate wanna get paid to music when you don't radios don't quite bad. You know Jillian they work together again you are right argued should be in my you know you don't writer's job. Did you ask FC or whatever it is you you wanted to do begin paying into it as a writer and an artist you know you can get paid is that the Marlins put as those. You know you don't just going to be global he wanted to be everywhere meet her music is heard not only here and that's okay. Or which are cast your music is heard in Atlanta my music is heard in your city and Dallas Texas and stuff like some. I have pretty pretty wide fan base right now first and foremost I would like to give us our love. They started saying it was just my understanding of the young man Musharraf is anybody listening out there it's almost fans. Com you can also do reached the end. Sky low end and got no one that car and go daddy's right back Carl FaceBook any Carlos Rivera nation an artist got so many powers that it has to grant. I'm ourselves fusion bar cellmark easy itself so all those lists don't look means it is today and I appreciate everything you have done for me made. Put us all reality I hope god relate to it I hope god it. Get a good start for me and you builds. These. Do you. Soon. Soon. Well which could cause local party shot landed on the intro there cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.