Shades of Blue

Wednesday, July 20th

We sat down with Mary and Shirley about their organization, Shades of Blue, in order to empower black women in the community. Listen here for more information on their event coming up this Saturday! 

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However adding 3.5 to Tom wanna play house. Jimenez Kristin the last hour of things we had tying a once council and the council on one's Phillips. Thank you for our own counsel and Aslan. Is it Matthews and Mitt you know it's. Haslem solid Alia or does. Talk about big things going on an old town tonight yes via free hugs Biscayne united. And absolutely. It's a good thing. Productivity in the community what you told trended unfazed would give people hit me from all over the country that a noble man. Which you guys don't know what to toss awesome the rest of the country. You take a page from what you guys have done a Wichita exactly and actually told my friends about it due back in Indiana they're all from. Upset about everything they're not like him how things have gone out there and I'm like just look at us now I don't gonna get no I don't think anybody is and that's why somebody would so powerful and tonight as well with the free hugs he went to promote positive and united community but. That's not the only guest that we have on this morning if power battery 3.5 married dean and surely didn't Kelly aren't with us this morning they're aware of black women empowered in Wichita incorporated first of all Mary tell everybody about black women empowered what is your organization at what do you do Blackmon apparently just out. Ink was formed in 2000 and Tway outlets when we started talking and meeting him whenever we got our incorporation. Last year I would became a battle one C three where a group of women from various backgrounds and have come together to discuss. Talk about and try to do something about the issues that are impacting women of color black women especially when it comes to spiritual mental and physical issues yet. Lee have had about. Even as we have people that come and facilitate our advance beats spirit to be it's meant to be physical clue you talk to women and sometimes we've had Meehan have canning into wild about the issues that impact them on an everyday basis. So it's just like a women's support group broke or a number of issues yes it's very very cool shortly to talk about you had five or six events already got a little coming up this Saturday at the forty plus slumps over in six feet and yes we do it's how large shades of blues to stand thin. Fund raiser for the group July 23 we'll start at 6 o'clock we like you wanna come out and support the and it's really are expensive ten dollars in advanced fifteen dollars at the door to step remember you go to. Help me what this abrupt economic country Barnes and sawdust on the floor as well for our most. Not at all. Holidays things. Attitude does not make to step back this is something that we've been doing an end for ages I know what I was and I go that's all we need to step and so you know you need to have a partner Angola and twist and turn into world. And do what you noted it. How do you know what's fun about this is going to be early in the evening announced Saturday 6 PM she needs the blue the second annual two years surely she really pretty true usually is the man. I'm afraid I don't get to stand to matching you more yeah anyone else dad yeah I'm right there where it's now yeah trip over myself. This Saturday at the forty plus lounge but this is what I'm asking. The city to do support these women black women empowered support what they're doing an American underneath and the support to to get rid of African American women and women of color in general in the community I think what you guys are doing is important and I think we need to support tears a community and we just hope that we have a big crowd for you on Saturday night for your big event at the forty plus slumped and we held silent thank you so let's bring you and I and do you welcome Mary Daly Shirley -- Kelly this morning the black women empowered if fund raiser this Saturday night at the forty plus lounge changeable -- -- -- to step in fund raiser that you want tickets call them 3712253. Lead to marriage number 3712253371. 2253. College get your ticket and support these ladies what they're doing and our city thank you ladies.