Step-Mom Dilemma Part 1 - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 5th

Listen to get the scoop about an e-mail we received from an upset mom regarding her 20 year-old son, some racy photos on Instagram, and his step-mom! 

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Elementary 3.5 million manager paralyzed I'm just really really wound tight this morning Carlos Diaz. That I need to relax. You need to relax Cheney give yourself flight I don't know it's calmed down. OK I asked at the end. The reality of the situation as I'm not actually wound type and I am so what concern. Because really fundamental. Issue here. And I'm surprised that my partner and cohosts. Seems to be okay. With the activities that are being engaged with by step mom with pushed upside. Carla would you please explain to. Yes because your wage you extra right now so we get an email from this concerned mom by the way we post on FaceBook parry ninety tries leaves a voice your opinion if you can Holland today but. This upset mom just found out her twenty year old son's twenty year old son eight K day in adults. He's been posting these this quote unquote scantily clad pictures all of brings you Graham looking like she says a male stripper. Completely suggestive and discussing these are her words apparent she says time the skin lots of speed over a hot hunks. But she hunts. Oil that's gay and piercings collars it's disgusting she says. I got my son man hired a photographer but it turns out he tagged to step mom on and Graham is giving her photo credit like shout out to. You know so zone which is a step mom and then the step mom even click the heart like she'd like to picture essentially saying how much she loved the pigs and the momma site. Something's wrong here why is my step son step mom's doing these kind of pictures of my boy I don't even know if my ex husband knows. Love Bob I mean she and it would by the way she's fifteen years younger than my next and closer my Sanjay son's age if anything what should I do and I'm like. First of all that right there shows meet. Kind of some low blows like she's still in the title way towards a step mom. Patty maybe some jealousy maybe so I'm left college. Tony to a Utah and an extra money you don't know how she feels about this Warren I mean. Sounds like here's a little bit more fun if. If it if it. Does well and I did you. That you guys would have a bad deals I'm not really what I'm tired I'm just really a little bit. That does mark would be taking pictures. Of her stepson. That she would be OK get the kind of come on let's go out of the background and photography maybe she has that I can I she don't know she's government. Hi all right age six learned Tim ID three what do you think this morning at and amp in a little bit too wound drew type this morning. You kind of behind it very. I hear you man it. One year old teenage he's really worried about a year Alberto faith maybe you can have a home and beat them bottom. Am humorous you on your menu prepare better brawl on paying minimum amount of let it be on the the and Comesa. Things you hope the others too it's a grown man in the moms dismantle scandals list out side she had to find out my stand me up being petty let. Ready loan backed. Sleep and mommy and dad though he can get spread betting middle of the night. And give them. That they do I I am just home mine and on yeah. And I know. It is true miracle we want to make sure how we hear everything I do have to say that's okay. This might mean to wound Ty dome is still hopefully out. I'm angry about you guys but I kind of put it on the back. Eight I felt I get an adult and I had to take about I hit dedicated to protect issue though our pass in the end I have to ask you. Is I my. I'm not covered but I yeah. It they are they look but I felt my family. Don't mean how many do you hit your though they do it and then you know OK okay information please you're still did not did to pitches city. Yes he did not. I relish men. And there are Betsy and I. To act and Appleby. I guess that I am I'm outside this morning because if I was like at the scene might have found out but. You know you can have an MIC is that that mom Billy though isn't it picked natter yeah man I can't say hey out every day they could be good your. Let's get because you might own or crack down. Like equally well to you know. I hit your. All right they get paid by the way how many like to do get a new pitchers. If you thought Carly and okay. There are my god really does is the bailout kids didn't let them know these are happy new pictures on the home they knew me like it's. Como in news I am not usually. How. Are you doing boy and five.