Summer Activities for Wichita Kids

Friday, May 19th

Lavonta Williams, Kameelah Alexander-Sherrod and Terrell Benton join the Power Morning Playhouse to discuss the many events that are happening in Wichita this summer. 



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Stretch of gas in the studio with us this morning and talent at a 3.5 two Rel bin timid and Camille Alexander from the YMCA. Councilwoman LaMont Williams called me up yesterday as a hit man I gotta be gummery beyond LaMont as one of the few people who hadn't called me up and be on a radio lesson toward four hours. I don't know if I was I mean he's like I'll talk to you later. Kids I don't doubt is yes it is Indra tell us what's going on at the south winds here a basketball tournament in the school bass lots of things happening. Our man all kinds of incredible things to know what we're trying to do is just put together opportunities for young people to get off the streets and insulin which is talking a different environment so we've got this incredible opportunity to beginning our it's actually on May 27 Saturday night 830 to 1130 for opening up our south branch YMCA we're gonna reform for basketball turner met all kinds of stuff going on throughout the branch the water parks going to be open on this is going to be a war classy there we've got Barbara's coming down to just free haircuts DJs are gonna have a blast and an identity as an opportunity get off the streets enjoy some food and enjoy the YMCA in a way that they probably never. Have sounds like a lot of fun Camilo is there entry fee of kids wanna compete in the form for basketball tournament absolutely free nice so you tell me that they can come play basketball have some fun you're gonna have a DJ got the water park open and you got a full comprises and it's free stone cold free. Hanging. Miles further dread some that's why is that some you know my model isn't. It's firm yeah. I love that there's an age group are misses at the right to real wages its its high school resource in ninth grade to twelfth grade come down let's have a good time and enjoy the winds here. I mean that's like maybe after they get down playing like they can DB just gave you one on one and seed. They describe you know. No minimum. Yeah Bosnia now. To see as many kids come down as possible and again just to have a great time and our self breast warrants it's a beautiful beautiful campus and facility and I think it's it's a really have a great time. You're at it RC is the community service rap acts that water and I know we have some opportunities for kids there as well but I love this YMCA peace. Yeah yeah. What does this city have been of the locations go on Camilla yeah. Talk about that yes there and yes Maine MP3 of which it's offering a youth empowerment project in partnership with the which star workforce center. And on Wednesday may 31 we are offering a workshop for students who receive. Jobs would skew closer to think he would interview prep information and a free eight adding it Murray admits it's for me free food handler scarred will be Aaron and this is for youth fourteen and ask okay yeah. Scars awesome though because a lot of sense and you might get a job in addition to ten hours got to go do that bagel pain in the butt easy get out of the way. It's a little extra thing on your resume economy yeah. Subsonic or whatever the case may be good to me. While we're gonna put this information on our FaceBook page and while also got to put her on twit does that work premiered Mara though you know I'm right there. It's and Camilla thanks for the W doing for our kids and anime in the community down with the city would tell we appreciate you this morning thank you for coming in and Terrelle thank you know because it sounds like may 27 with a south wind she is going to be kind of cool this can be pop in May come through. Sounds far right as generally bad for you to comment I'd I'd go to bed early summer scratching. All right basketball tournament and the school has south YMCA may 27. And also all kinds of three things the city of which dogs offering will have the information again on our website and FaceBook or Twitter just look forward its power ready 3.5 pence a permanent bailout does this morning guys.