Super Car Kid Winner - Lucy- 2-9-18

Friday, February 9th

Congrats to Lucy at North High, our first Super Car Kid winner! Remember you can nominate a super kid every single week at 

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We got there. Email from a mom on how we're 935 drive comments when you go to. Can nominate someone to be this super card games and it doesn't have to come from the pantry can come from anyone. Come from a somebody enters school before Brandon. Maybe you ran into somebody that you don't wanna really cool you just mentioned running you found out. All we lost some things at their enjoyment community and you want people don't know about. Let's tell you about Lucy more long happy it's. Mom Margaret tells her she's a junior and high school. Thank you again this morning hi. And it meant Carla my daughter's maintained he four point oh GB agent starting school. She is vice president of North High School. Enrollment. In the bio med program. Kids under principles council on dance team varsity softball team. Do college age old as they. And National Honor Society. She was elected as a person gourmet to represent north side. She also is active in the Wichita thunder booster club. She hopes is so game days of work smooth and helps with anything that needs to be done. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and she works hard to maintain her grades and take you the most challenging classes to keep. Her moving forward she loves to help people and to be a part of your team. She is therefore ask friends and on the last year schoolgirls and see your teachers if a teacher says they need help you find a way to volunteered to hit the work guys. She also asked to help keep her younger brother. And between mom and dad's work schedule. How loose season gradual turn. All right. Doing supertanker aren't Camilla the whole arm we got looser on the phone do you not Lucy she's very close to. You realize what you enjoy this one being named her. Our super card pin Carl if you get any 100. Dollar visa gift cards are home to. And we're going to come to your school today and deliver pizza previewing your classmates and that's awesome Lucy. I just want you to know Lucy you are great role model not only for your peers at North High School but for teenagers all over the city for working so hard just having good enough four point oh GPA your mom tells us that you're on the principles counseled dance team varsity softball teams for the government national honor society and whole site HOS. They all. And easy. Also importantly like a mom says she helps out a home to a younger brother he had that's awesome bluesy our first first super card given away which means if you. Good to beat me in the super hard and kids love being here when the year is done and the super care beard gets 1000. Dollars. And you get a thousand dollars is donated to their school's general fund how about back in the name little Seymour. Who woke you up to. This morning and birdied the first super car here and we're very happy for you I'm very proud of Neal can gradually shoots. And I don't think you know.