Weds Carmen Call 8-16-17

Wednesday, August 16th

Listen as Carmen calls a health hine to ask for an anonymous test after winning a Radio Station Prize! ​

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Time for a karma call is more manpower and having 3.5 Carmen Colin health wind asks for an anonymous and test. After winning a radio station is just a little confused. My not my anonymous. On national power. Our power about a three point fives. If you look at the held at the optically. It's got mean and I need to take and nominate 108 that. And I was told that you guys can help me. 00 look at it online on the new phenomena like when I know my my how I. I'm not exactly like if you drink too much you glued to it during let you do feel it out hot summer nominees. I yeah. Out on. I. Anonymous and other. You don't want anybody in oh. While I may be able to help you sat at our I tactic I could get into Hartnett. The public me Hartman and greedy evil where it. Meeting. Yes that's plan calling you because I got it from a member of the media. He got the morning radio show here in the CB. And you feel like. Something hot. Can I won a pet tickets but then he gave. Apparent something else and his team. Our. I idol helped you just I didn't need any help there wasn't much there. Afternoon little. Aching. Need between this. It's not as soon as. And nominate. An end up. Man I know. I know not on eight and I'd. On. On. And you. Think you. Out by not. Talking about. And that maybe should. Not America would every. I am not a Jenny and infected. And up in the morning show that that's for the infected tongue piercing RO. That's at I got it gonna have some of the station an anonymous makes. I. I don't lose.