Weirdest Thing Your Child Said When They Were Pre-school Age- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, March 9th

In honor of National Pre-schoolers Day we're asking, what's the funniest, most embarrassing or weirdest thing your child said when they were pre-school age? Listen to the conversation from this morning!


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TJ I ask you may or may not know today is actually. National preschoolers take. Us how sweet is. I have a three year old but I also have a daughter and us northwest. And it reminded me of when she was preschool aged and she asked me if hamburgers came from pigs. Because of the Wear him. It's like a legit question she's pretty Amy mad when her friends teller at forty guys as the listen. So I wanna know this morning are you that life what's funniest most embarrassing or weirdest thing. Your first high yield. Said when they're preschool age 861993. My little sister for instance when she was preschool age she used to pick up on my cuss words. Very easily if she was sent home from preschool because of her cussing like she could not step foot back into preschool. Until she stop cussing I'm not talking mild cuss words I'm talking bangers like. She would cuss you out legit question three years old and like write. She can't come back until she gets it together searched. I heard few days she had to leave preschool. So I wanna hear from you what's so funny is the most embarrassing or weirdest thing your child said when their preschool aged 869. In 93 in honor of national preschoolers day what's the funniest or weirdest thing your child said when their preschool age. Not that we were talking about serial killer it. We'll get in the room instead Ben Stiller is bad not Belmont scare. I literally and got a good arms are. Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing. Aren't any 3.5 what's the funniest hormones to bears deer ridge saying your kids said when their preschool age. Actually my mom's good got a mouse Wichita it's just me and he's that much is their alleged cat. Is likely grab my cats fit. Yeah. That is how you know how. Important besides all. Thank you so much for sharing now about who I am dereliction. Can't change there aren't any 3.5 the funniest or most embarrassing or weirdest name your child said preschool age. Okay well I kind of I can feel my prayers she's gone now. Anhui pancreas goalie at the watch a lot of movies mainly like Dora explorer. You know. Diego that kind of yeah. And is now in that same mom can we watch and movies to be like mom can we watch the movies. They'll be. As sad to say all of us make flat panels where go to this theater rice let's go watch. How uneasy now eighteen. He still maybe now right he's still your baby. Bad for me he has narrowed her current there's a lot of new movies out this weekend so. Let's get to watch. I even paying the signing his arm most of nursing a high weirdest thing your child center in their preschool age maybe they're grown now maybe they're still preschool age. 861993. Taking your calls tired and like I.