Which Wild Pet Would You Own? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, December 21st

If you could own any willd animal as a pet, what would it be? Listen to this mornings phone calls! 


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Card entry points fine. How mourn play house did manage probably the most random question Carlin I started talking about last hour. And it was about animals any wild animal. You could owning a wild animal what would it be I would own I giraffes. Think of all of the things giraffes can reach just their so freaking tall you can never need a ladder he you can climb up on your giraffe poorer. You can train your giraffe to get things for you whether it's some imagery I don't know why you need summitry. Paint teen dating step up caucus Shelton who never have fuses steps so we never have to climb on the kitchen cabinet like I do. Giraffes we just talked about earlier they only sleep two hours a day so thinking you can train this draft and all of the saints. It can get done for you you'll have like a personal. Giraffes assistant. So we'll go forward champ. The power lines of grade 861993. Debut could own any wild animal as a pet what would it be and why. Hi I'm glad I don't quietly. Or are you don't ever like community dead animal you know if they'd get it appears she. I thought about a lion ended I remembered I don't like cats. I can clean itself and they are doing valued at about half and make sure no doubt all right. The violence on the list does not want to thank you learn and I appreciate it OK real good on any wild animal hasn't. Why didn't the NY. Tiger. None tie dinner like who would you then tell me. Is equipping. Them with his ex. A verdict. There. You know what a joke for the morning others would disagree it's odd to. Me while. I was up at what that would do me NY. Go read. Through counties here in the big teeth and everything I agree it's. Ever hear. Of the world. Little green is out there and that could turn off your Cox Homeland Security system and a long. Keep it hunger and the magic and breaking into someone's house and there's a big grizzly bear staring you in the face I don't know what is important for battling you're the man can you. Those long Grassley called closet and sit there at the table is legs crossed that he stepped up his closet in the table change dilemmas she's doing. I'm not god you came from Slovenia and Cuba did you hit the. What a great. And you'll blow Hume wicket yes it's a mature into the numbers matched across your face. An audience. Our anchor. A did you for a colleague and grizzly bear okay I'll love you and tiger and a grizzly bit at. And tigers and bears oh my. Oh you can tell about just ninety how he can run and how does. Now we got to follow the element world aids it's stuff. That in 3COM now that we got better material coming Derreck Robinson started brutally crime.