Wichita Hitch Hikers Part 1 - The Hitman and Carla 10-11-17

Wednesday, October 11th

 It may not be the wisest decision, but 31% of us have hitch-hiked, even Carla! LIsten as The Hitman and Carla take your calls about their hitch-hiking stories! 


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Did you manage growth and we're talking about his tragic stories this morning you know and I really thought that nobody would call. And tell us this is his type before and or did god create tiger Chris Carlin that we're talking about this is my girl was. But they don't call. Hey it's I got. And we got the call for a little. Former mob hit the hit title when they were on the way Omaha Nebraska. Carla got everything started because she's the one. Who actually hit Skype when she was younger at 2 o'clock in the morning. Out in the middle of the night and run around on that scale until after. Have you ever had started before so what happened. When I was fourteen speaking patterns are the years I have got caught all aren't. The tower collapse of the Big Apple that there are darn you know I was running in Maryland the thirty minute run. That's how you do it this couple. Melbourne hi hey you know you might begin to kill me. Yeah. Thank you. Yes they are sure they're not in Q do you have a donor here yeah. Home thinking oh. Yeah like they did have my market and don't they generally don't get it breeze so nervous all time now on the car get. Don't know if not handled well I got protects. Ultimately learn and I looked out for you. So how old were you when sporty yeah he's out can't be thinking. Told you once you sort I'll cite plenty Clinton sixteen things freshman year. So it's not something I would want my kids know me. What I'm glad it worked out for you and thank god you're not only in the midwest with somebody below Google you'll can't say I. We help theory here don't go as a viewer somewhere else groaned moon and I am I probably would have been murdered us Jose got a war the clown suit. Who is that guy. Different class this began penny wise anything. I'm million. Welcome to you and god you're still what does okay brewed beer and don't hitchhike anymore. I want out I'm on a promise the good. Scary eat the biggest power Powell. She snuck out or on my nagging things to watch. Tiger in this morning had you ever daughter hadn't picked up they attacked a winning two stories one from. Once somebody who picked up the tiger and another from somebody who hitchhiked like Q Marat. It's already 3.5.