Wichita Hitch Hikers Part 2 - The Hitman and Carla 10-11-17

Wednesday, October 11th

The calls continue with part 2 of your hitch-hiking stories! 


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Power and great three point try the com wanna play house was hit land and Carlisle. Changed markers and I'd let you down this morning eleven car was case. Dropped a new office. If it were talking about this new study out this is 31% of us have hit tight before and our wives. Or even picked up a hitchhiker. Shall we wanna know this morning Andy have you ever hit tight before the so what happened and we have you ever picked up they hit tiger Carlo. I'd like to say I'm done folks and I'm. And I'm not gonna sit here and say it was Smart but some high school. Mean a friend Paxson duffel bags and we're on our way we needed a right here let's talk. Yeah like you. And sir rob. And all my guys to that's how guys like guys that o.s at the serial murderer bed that Ted dude. That's why Indiana so abundant those guys in the big gay people wind back. Dollars and 2 in the morning union at 2 o'clock in the morning you're up the middle of the night in Detroit only god knows. Well yeah more mom we knew this after I hit tanking got to Obama trying to interact. Are you listen to pray don't think there's so I don't know 86910983. Have you ever hit solid start have you ever picked up a pick tiger go ahead. In Winnetka area saying out loud and oh my gosh what and how would actually thank and is so Burlington. I've seen and I and gotten around my mom actually Billy. We actually me out what it was like something out for different Greek American Idol and the blood and brain win. They don't. Can't my grandparents are really felt great to see them open at the time to get back out linking it got to cut her neck or excuse. Me do you think it would it would strengthen. When the paint and then we can't borrow one I don't know I don't. 00 yeah. And you don't play. Yeah. I think now it's got to ask you have to experience it and the way you were so freaked out and you. Ever done it again since now the instant you learn to Smart. And that's again that's something could painful I didn't want to London and and like little about them is yeah. My kids and then like look I'm but he gets it thanking some light. You're about to get throw intended nor his like Kara when you think you can out and watch them. I want us. Illinois and I think I'm good until I got to. Just. That's you know aren't good at staying in go to Garland went up to listen to us why it is. You storing it this morning I'm Soledad lately buoyed by.