Wichita Public Library

Thursday, November 10th

The Wichita Public Library is constantly updating their events in the city of Wichita and winter is no exception.

The Library is offering several functions at different locations including a New Years Eve event, podcasts, story time, crafts and more.

The library is also gearing up for it's annual Used Book Sale on Dec. 8-9th

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Thanks for joining us and empower Wichita on parent and a 3.5 I'm your host grand what Kim's and we got some new blood in the room today we have Darren Howard tent with you which top public library on the air with us. How he do I'm great things for having me. So you hardy children's manager. Indy which opponent clever so what doesn't mean I mean. Pena picture. I work at the downtown. Avery and what we do downtown is a little bit different than what you might see under the branches. Okay I'm were able to do I'm tumors that are facility we can accommodate a lot more kids that way. And I work there really wonderful staff at folks who serve ages stirred eighteen. We work with babies all the way up to kids in high school and we know I'm in good fun doing it. First I just wanted to find out with few guys in with what's going on how's the building coming oh it's super exciting you can actually log onto our website at Wichita library. Dot ORG we have a web cam you can actually see our building can and see the building day by day and some is pretty exciting. In other days it's it's just a lot of trucks moving around so it's it's really cool to Tennessee had come to life and and every day a little something is different car. Campbell will be it's second in McLean right across from exploration play it's going to be such a cruel. Now back to what we've got going on with library there are so many events that happen within the city which top. And I don't think a lot of people understand how much. You guys have going on with the library on a daily basis. I mean and what tenure web sites and if you just click on the website at which however dot org and go to the kids. Theres something literally almost every day of the week yeah I see guys have come in let me just read like a couple things it's like toddler dance party the only thigh and a making tick click where all of these activities comfort them. Well our goal of course is always to help young people and their families developer really positive relationship. With the library and with learning and sometimes I'm learning takes the form singing and dancing and plane had another really important principles for young kids to be involved and so that they can I get all the skills that they need to be ready to learn to read by the time they get to school shares if there's a lot of things that families can do that looks like fun that are actually really agree you know learning opportunities get those little brains revved up. Get them ready to learn how to read and write later on. Now with all of these activities. And maybe this is silly question but sap from parents others system and we paid Florida's assuming that we any day. Have a library card what would we be if we wanna be a part of some of these activities you got gone on that's a great question our activities. Our programs. Those are free they're free of charge you don't even need to have a library card. I earned a most of them are dropped hints some of them if you go to our website we GT registration for summer rehab them. First for instance may be some lamented materials rain we've only planned for so many folks. So in those cases we will list them on our website at Wichita library and Orrin G you can click on our events tab. And that will bring I calendar events that you can sort. By day week month location so let's see your super interested in the programs at west link library yeah. You can filter those out you can even sheltered by the age group and then you'll see at a glance whether or not you need to do a little better registration just give a little this and information to us. And a bonus to that is that when you register you are gonna get email reminders if you opt in so we will see Angelo reminders that you don't forget to come to your fund react. I think my theory is your personal assistants and an amazing we beat ask jeeves a long time ago. Or even matter. On top of just everything he might have going on for adults for kids for families we wanted to focus on science coming up. And it's right around the corner which is Christmas which means winter break. Kids are out of school yes two whole weeks. And kids might be getting a little bit restless so. What you can do you can take advantage of all of our programs at the library with planned a wonderful smorgasbord. Of interesting things. Some of the things that we have and we got some. Mine craft and frozen themed programs forget that forget till like Italian media property we've got that there's gonna happen at west link we've also got some sort it steamed program CG do a little bit of fun and a little bit of learning. Ever greening Angelo will be doing a program called sugar snowflakes. On December 20 needs and 29 respectively he. And were also. Gonna learn a little bit about hibernation. Where do the animals Dolan winner we're gonna find out at central on. December the nineteenth only goodness so I mean literally all the age groups are covered you guys have staff. For pretty much everybody we try I hope I'm gonna look. That's just so cool it is the long break it's in there at first you know you think OK we can get some activities we'll see some relatives. But two days after Christmas you think it wine and hill I'm I'm very multiple and you. And you might guess it did maybe they won. Laying the artistic maybe you wanna make against him indicating an Indian that perfect tonic. They could stop by our Alfred branch they're gonna be painting presents for people on December 22 that's going to be fun for teenagers. Alone and if you've got teens and just wanna chill out I know we're gonna do a couple of sessions as podcast in color. It's our chill out zone at central it's gonna be on Wednesdays on December 21 in December 20. That's sounds perfect I need like the podcast subsidize yeah. Are you not hey Suzanne that's good though right now I got my pencils and markers in our guests and come get creative with color that enthusiasm wasn't recognized her telling mountaineers see yeah has so we have a New Year's Eve event at the central library. And this year it's going to be fine Saturday to work really didn't fall you know Kennedy when we can hold it but it going to be on Saturday and the 31 and is a little bit different this. Here this has been a really popular programs when and make sure that people knew that this year are gonna have to limit the number of folks have been brought in fact so if you go online you can register for that rats online and Wichita library doctor Laura GOK just aren't sure your kids. Adults don't have to register themselves the programs that actually takes up like an extra seat just register your kids were interested in their info and we know that they will more than likely have an adult with them so that'll help us plan so we have enough New Year's Eve fun for everybody. That's so cool. Say this is got a real lifesaver for some parents I mean 'cause it it's it's hard to stack up for days and you're working you want the kids to have some kind of interaction and mean and get those brains pump and because I mean. It's not fun after you know one day of just watching daytime television I don't think yeah. So what let's be real and just kind of a fun time to say yeah I'm not often they you know you see your really nice. Tailored and then he's developmentally appropriate it agents can socialize and have fun together he and really just can get into the house and decompress. After the labor is all about it's about being that third place it's not quite at home it's not quite work but it's that perfect or please read you meet up with your friends and speaking. That third place there are so many. Books. I mean obviously it's a library but I need them. You guys are just Florida ceiling stacked to stack. What do you what else. As I mean our server retirement people get to buy books of lever house as there is it funny you should ask that we're coming right up on our holiday used book sale. Guys the friends of the library had a. Great book sale planned for the holidays and they're gonna do this Thursday December 8 and Friday December 9 how can you are going to be up on the third floor at the central library they're going to be selling an all sorts of our gently used books that would be perfect to keep yourself from may be gives again if you and there are going to be very affordably priced so. Holiday gift tree Ewing years. That is a really good idea I mean. I like gifts better box so I just think it a little bit of heartfelt because you know as your reading need to think about personally David Tino. It's an adventure you're sending some mini nine yeah he gets her friend a little something on the inside of it just assuming he knows. Then it's you don't I'm thinking in view I don't I love that idea so December 08 in night is Linux can take placing it on the third floor. Yes there's going to be from 10:30 in the morning till 7 PM on Thursday and then 10:30 AM to fight PM on Friday would you close a little bit earlier on Friday. Is such. And testing so that's what happens I wondered because obviously ten bucks but no one's on a shortage of writing them. And I honestly every year there's more coming in so I just wondered what happens. There is it'll and we did. Lot of wonderful donations and some make it to our shelves and some make it to the book sale much people's generosity really helps us out we're grateful for that very cool. Now a long ways you know the book's sales let's say parents go. And they're thinking like okay. I know what I like to Rihanna my spouse extreme but I have no idea when my ten year old enjoy series like I can look at a cover book. Ending its interest seeing it and they could completely think the opposite so if you are parent or any and uncle and your Weinstein to get votes for or. Your kids in the family will how you go about it I mean. Are there things you guys can suggest for age bracket it's like what authors are going over well with. Students if you have an artsy kid the link says have you have a science minded child this it doesn't matter I mean does one do I have. Well let me show you we've got a green tea. The folks at all of our libraries. We have wonderful you services librarians were able to make recommendations. We have special tools and rituals it even you can use at home out of our website you can use and by logging in with your library card. We can help you match a young person's interest to a book that they may really love. We can create book lists we can tell you recommended age ranges we can connect you to professional reviews she get a better idea of what the content of the book is without actually having to sit down and read a 150 page but before you give it to a kid or can't do what you did as a resource is and will connection which you all of the professional stuff that we used. When we're looking at books and were deciding what books to buy and what books to cannot organize and putting display as those are really helpful things and we're happy to share those with anybody who comes in an anybody who wants enhanced to give us a little bit maybe a little bit a notice like a weaker to cut out. Yeah I that's pretty decent gap in the what do feature based on your website at which style library dot org it's ask a librarian and I mean this is very fun yes yeah there's many ways that you can ask a labor in a question to get a -- -- question lake Hanoi find out about this thing or I have this concern how to a find out about that fact we can do that anytime just walking in your library location you can also pick up the phone and call us. But we also agrees service called Brooke a librarian I know some of you are going to be getting awesome technology for the holidays maybe get a tablet or new phone. We have a team of librarians that will actually sit down with you for free for 45 minutes you just stir with your library card and we will walk you through what every did you wanna learn maybe you have a new version of windows you never tried we have experts on that maybe you've got I bring you so phony and you don't learn how to downloads of cool podcasts and ebooks what she had to do that and we'll read all the ins and out and tips and trip exe act that is awesome yeah laughter. Filled with. I think saying you OK so if you're just. If you're just joining us senior any kind of caught us halfway and we are talking with the Wichita public library. Ian we have Aaron how Orton on the air with us now and specializes in these children's park she's the children's manager some if you missed it. We are talking about activities that are available for winter break when the kids. Are out of class there's he used book sale that's coming up with the library in December 8 and ninth. And also accusing boxes gifts because guess what you can use there online teacher an ask the librarian at their website which is tell every dot org you can go into a librarian discuss. Kelly you can kind of matched with Dane know. About all the books that are available and you know obviously your child so those two minds get together here pick up the best boxer today. That's so cool and since then tell me everything. About story time for babies stories ever baby my baby and I had no idea this was something. In the first thing that I was asked about when we got homeless while he served reading to the baby and I'm like. I did not know. He is old clinch it. In you know it's one of the things that's. It's really struck me the power freeing your child I have been asked about it. I had no idea that I have this strong and important so you've got to tell me everything was okay do. Happy chair and we love babies first story time it is. Babies for street and is deemed it ages zero to nine months you can bring in new born we don't care it's on gas and mainly what we're looking for a were looking for kids who have not yet started crawling and are not yet quite as mobile's as the other kids because then we have another street tempered. In baby's first very time we talk about balancing and grinding we talk about print orientation so that a baby learns that books can be held and hands and it was flipped the pages. In in our culture from right to last and it's all about you know they they're not necessarily. From reading right teaching babies to read instead we're teaching babies to love spending time with you hearing your wonderful voices their parent and then connecting around books connecting the idea of folks with love and affection and Zach is the thing that sets a foundation for great relationship with reading later on. Babies for straight time is super fine down at central. And we do that once a week and we also have babies first story time on Tuesdays at west link in the mornings at 1030 and Friday's at 11:30 in the morning at the central library as yet as and our staff lover he would babies and even have a little baby doll ever owns. To demonstrate how we want you to do that balances and to try this and it's lots of fun. So with all of these activities that are going on and and you downtown library being built. And all of the app programs are governance for children for also adults does the library ever take a break. No the lie I never heard today get every hit hit it very rarely at. We will go on high it is. And with our weekly story times. And just it to end of December 9 that's gonna be where we kind of wrap it up for the semester but then we started on our winter break programs for school age kids. So we're never really taking a break we're always just been shifting her focus for slightly in the dating back and we have something all year long for feeling is and kids and teens and we always look forward to seeing them come to our doors. Now with Ilie he talks about technology and you know lots of let's have kids loving getting tech. Stuff first Christmas and birthdays what do you have to the library having nearly ebooks is that's coming out and do in Renton oh of course you can take any ebooks from the. Comfort of your own home whether Oksana desktop computer a tablet or a phone you can use your Wichita public library card to check out ebooks we have a platform it's called overdrive. I was your gonna click on our ebooks link I'm on her page and you're gonna go into overdrive and you're gonna see this a wild assortment of wonderful books to check out they can just instantly travel judicially and you can sit there and read and some you can even think to check out he can check it out for 714 or 21 days depending on how long you wanna keep that and the best part of hockey ducks as they're never any library far and they're. Ever overdue they just disappear when they're done. Yeah well I. This is perfect I had cut so you can you can basically this. It's like your going to the virtual library clearly you were open 24/7 online our databases are always available. We have very few databases he actually have to come to the library G used for example from home you can download ebooks you can learn a language with mangled languages and that's actually an. I happen when you register with our app in your library card you can download the app to your tablet or phone in practice on the go here real skinny help you practice your act saying you can learn one as he got forty some languages and it's fun. Of English language for you know learners from blink language sets so we have a English module for arm Mandarin speakers English for. And Spanish speakers from Spain vs Spanish speakers from Latin America all sorts of wonderful resource. He is a little leaves you kind of got all bases covered and we try it. You're so lucky to have you intercity and just for all the activities he has bring forth for all of the options that you make available. If you haven't. Checked out to the library here in which is tot he needs him it doesn't matter if you have kids or if perhaps it's just a great day you can go you can check some things that. Time you can learn a lot from a person you see what they read it's I'm second. But there's so much to find out about what's going on your local library there's locations all over this city and if you're not sure I'm you can go to. The Wichita library dot ORG Scott it would style library dot org. And it's everything I mean you can evening your library card there thanks signing up online and there is then read any book tenure at all. It's perfect there's even a mobile site there is all the activities for each branch you can look them up right then and there so I mean. You guys are just on the I love it is the same year. This is so fun OK so be sure TO message library contact him if you have any questions about. What's going on with their used book sale December 8 and ninth. If you want to find out more about some of the activities they're going on during the winter pretty. Hands if you have a little unhealthy at this time. I definitely am totally checking that out I. After having we're so glad they hear that. And thank you for being on the says today's astronauts up now it has been a really appreciate it are you guys steer listings and power Wichita on power 93 point five.