Friday, May 19th

Memorial Weekend World War II Memorial Celebration
When: 3 p.m. Sunday, May 28, 2017
Where: Veterans’ Memorial Park
What: Music, Presentation, Wreath Placement,
Flyover by Stearman Aircraft, Taps

Celebrate the completion of the World War II Memorial
For more information, call 316-262-5780. 


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Hook me. Let's just we'll. Okay say check again jet are we're getting. Captain guy heading get started this is imperil Wichita. He and this'll be airing for the weekend a 520. 32. One think you for joining us for in car Wichita on power 93 point five I'm your host render my kids. And we got a busy busy couple of weekends and friend of us in one school's out now. And we've also have memorial weekend coming up and to talk with me about some events that are going on for memorial weekend. I have that mr. Tenet airs this is vice president and General Counsel. Local how are you know I'm good and you've I'm doing did. So it's my first time to get to have you on the shelves in I'm so excited to have you on we actually haven't heard about. This event through man so thank you hit man for affording this and so over. You guys are planning a very cool event over Memorial Day weekend to honor our veterans. And I mean what it target you. Tell me you know all the good stuff c'mon laid on me. Well thank here and what degree opportunities is to be reviewed and your audience this morning. And our group is war war two memorial ink which is enough for profit group that. Really starter in 2010. And now seven years later were culminating adjourning. And that's what we're doing on May 28 a Sunday afternoon beginning at 3 o'clock in veterans memorial park. And ordinary Moran as a celebration. Of the completion of the World War II memorial. Down at the park. As I indicated. We started that was a surfer in 2010. And began planning. A monument. Where it was going to be you that was going to look like. Wish it was your idea. Selanne. Or seeking donations for individual bricks. That would honor and World War II veteran film and each prayer has to vendors name branch of service. The year of operation and data service. And as I indicated. We started out with a thought maybe we can do. 500 bricks 500 names in one section. Yeah well as it turns out seven years later in response to a so dramatic and so. Really wonderful. We have now ended up with 15100 bricks coming in three different sections at the monument. And is just fabulous and I'd like to say that every one of those bricks and tells a various significant personal story for somebody and someone whom and we had a ground break gain in July of 2000. Allen. We've completed. The first section are so. And had a celebration in November of 2011. There's a save their response was so significant we just kept adding bricks and Abraham. And then once we completed. I got that down and realized that. It would be very helpful for all to have a directory of each and every game goes today if you come up and you're looking for loved longer relative. Our veteran you know about you can find his or her name from find out exactly where there brick dislocated and we have. A name from George Ackerman to Henry's over Uma lousy. And it's really going to be area. It's a great addition a great completing. Addition to the monument. And that's forward airline. On May 28 beginning at 3 PM. Now this is going to be at 339 veterans parkway that's right along the and bring in launchers is a good idea. That's a great idea and for those are your are ensue I have not been the veterans memorial park. I think just be a great occasion for them to visit because. If you haven't been bearish which one of which jaws hidden treasure here really is as beautiful it is beautiful and as so. Come down and join us bring your lawn chair. We're gonna have. A lot of patriotism anywhere and a lot of memories and honor in. So many people so many family members and I said memorandum. And our mission on Sunday may tornado just three fold. We are of course celebrating the completion of the World War II memorial home in the park. And we also an honor those women and men who served our country and the world actually. So valiantly and so courageously and world war two. And to thank everybody who has been a part of making me a memorial happen. And doing it on Memorial Day weekend of course also gives us a chance to celebrate. Our past veterans and those who are currently serving in the military. And this is going to be an hourlong celebration and you guys have got everything you've got music others can be a presentation and a wreath placement and even. I'll fly over there. This so cruel. And hopefully weather will cooperate gas weather in the midwest is always a factor in unpredictable time. We've looked ahead in to the extent that. Looking ahead has any significance is supposed to be in a lovely days so. They're shouldn't allow the fly over some bi planes coming from the event near port. And that's going to be a really nice part of the program and when are worried who is when our group was for malaria for a formalized and having a border actors. We were so fortunate. When we began to have four veterans of World War II on our wars now. And of course one of those as mr. Phil Blake and bill and that name should be synonymous risk veterans memorial park because he has. And so much over the years to. Take care of the memorial and he was there really catalysts for leave this effort on the World War II memorial and I unfortunately filled. Guide a couple years ago but we still have three veterans on board pan and we're hopeful. Each of those individuals will be with us on 120 days. To glare dedication recent slip of the memorial. I think it's so great that you do you have. Veterans that are on the board with you and you know for younger generations v.s aren't fees are those people that you care about and history books these are those brave individuals. That when outs and even went to five. For us for a for us for every generation that came after them it was very scary time meant. And that this type of courage you know it's called the greatest generation for reason. And I think it's awesome but if you're just joining us near likely imminent what are they talking about. This is at what we're talking about team of the memorial weekend celebration to honor World War II veterans. In this is to commemorate the completion of the World War II memorial. And veterans memorial park in Wichita it's a gorgeous gorgeous area and you know ran along the river I mean if you're just taking Milwaukee can sweep friend in there and just. Did I mean it's it's really inspirational as you walk through and beautiful set up. And you can just kind of sit with your family taken everything that's there it's it is a really beautiful spot and this is gonna happen in this event. At 3 PM on Sunday may 28. That's at 339 veterans parkway if you wanna put it in your GPS. And everything from music. There's going to be wreath placement a full lion over at the color guards can have been there this is a really cool thing instead to put together. It is. A wonderful event and of course hold says all goes as planned and that is. It will be as wonderful as we wanted to be and an open wheel Lee. And here earlier right Miranda relative to the location. Veterans memorial park. This number of significant. Memorial to honor veterans from. Or war 12 Kerkorian or his Vietnam War to World War II. There are some specific memorials. For. Purple heart recipients for gold star mothers. Forum. Prisoners of war missing in action there Marines are merchant Marines. There is a memorial celebrating her honor in and remembering Pearl Harbor so there's really a lot of NC and morally. India additions it came after World War II. Memorial was one and celebrating. Operation freedom. Hello call various. Deployments and Middle East and ask quite as lovely. And I am personally. I am very moved. By the significance of what has been put out there and what is gone and the whole setting. Is just really touching. Ma and man and as you mentioned who we are longer rumor. You can see exploration plays you can't rent cheaper than planes in the suspension bridge it's just a wonderful setting. And again as I mentioned earlier. Each of these fabrics tales of personal story and let me just share one of those stories and a series tale. And Barbara Rogers. Is an area. World War II veteran member of our borders and active from the very beginning. And I don't like Bob wouldn't mind he's night you were nice three. That the bar Roger's story is he was a twenty year old army corporal. Attached to the 101 airborne division. And he was set to take part indeed a by flying on a glider early on June 60 actual daily operation. However. As a military often does plan changed and he later found himself. Landed on Omaha Beach was another US troops. And about that journey a coming up to Omaha Beach club was quoted as saying. He's never been so she's sick in his life we sure there was much worse in a glider on net that's. Again it wasn't as bad as do German artillery shells were exploding all around him as they move and work. They took shrapnel is back on that landing only can few days later two pieces of shrapnel pushed lenders Helmand and ripped him and get into his head. More than two months at a hospital in Oxford England followed. And this is for your audience and knows deal they'll appreciate just obsess. And again remember he was in a hospital in Oxford England racist. Can't say ever solely university. Masters and Orlando fans in the stories of these heroes and for. They were heroes. I this is incredible and I really wanna encourage everyone take your kids. Let conceived piece of history and a modern day let them you know get their eyes on on some of these these very brave individuals and their families and it's it's not just serve in world war two and it's for any words for everyone that's ever stepped up and and decided you know Ayman joined the service I'm gonna fight and I'm gonna. Descendant. That is that is something that I think sometimes. In the data they hustle we forget. You know that there are things like that is just like him that story. Can think seasick and they're there's all this happening he's probably scared out of his wits and there's all this and he's he does Kinney and does as he's obviously keen not zipping by apple. Exactly age in which may have been a good things. And I've been is a researcher. Is the master of ceremonies for this event and with regard to in my remarks and part they're researches reading a book by. A gentleman by the name of Don Stratton. And Hugh lows and a young. Naval Seaman on the USS Arizona this December 7. And the book is called all gallant man the first memoir by USS Arizona survivor. And I've taken a lot of information from mr. Stratton to book but why are things he says. About. The invasion and attack. You say we were so young those of us who enlisted 181920. Years old. Too young to go through what we endured this day I can tell you that. If we were not quite men on December 6 but I midmorning on the settlement we were. My guys. I need to read that of course if you're listening and cool united FC history if you don't notice this is about them Pearl Harbor attack. And so that's where timeout with the USS Arizona so if you don't know that cool parents we get a look get a minute. They finished commission and its history that I think every every kid. In America should should definitely know and and to really understand because our freedom comes at a very great cost from those that that that give. Their life to serve our country and this memorial days is so cool he really is has any slip to take blocks. Down the river and you know it's just a really great place there's several spots where where you can just sit in to weekend. What each monument means there's there's things that you can read a just about like what exactly are looking at and and what this is paying tribute to its very cool. And if you walk through the river I mean if you're right by the keeper of the planes to top on the and it says suspension bridge you can see all of it and it's really great. Well I appreciate your brand and YouTube capture how significant. It really is. If we may let's go back to history a little bit yes let's and I hope that. And again I learned something and then missed again was from mr. grant's book. And we all know I think certainly my era. The famous words president Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt. Two a joint session of congress on December raised after the attack. And the famous words. Yesterday December 7 1941. A date that will live in infamy. United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan. Well the rest of the story is. On the seventh when the president was made aware of the attack. History speechwriters were not in Washington DC there yeah. And so he was charged where a right in his remarks in his address. To congress on zone and so around midnight. He dictated in his address to his secretary. And the next morning and on the eighth colonial rule clear was that type draft awaiting outside his door. And so he stayed dad draft I obviously misses there. A speech your presentation. That is historic in so significant and the importance. Remember. The nation was. And every citizen and was in great alarm home about what happened that there was a huge sense of fear across the country. So this was indeed an important speech. And as you is driving the congress. And being driven in his limousine. He weighed every word of that speech. And when he originally dictated. The opening line announces two previous day would live in history. And as he was driving he realized. That just didn't capture the essence of what happened and he need is something that would express the nation's outrage from and so as he was driving in a limousine. Crossed out the word history. And put in infamy. Really. This them the most quoted cars. Of the speech he knew exactly on the way there I knew exactly the case you never. I did not feel. All you know you alert so they're okay. Don't worry and spend plastic. Well I'm looking on your dad's website and if you wanna check it out its Wichita world war. Two and it's two eyes okay got it some which Intel World War II eyes memorial dot com. And I just got to ask because I'm looking on here and it says Kilroy was here. Oh. Preaching kill good question good question. And I'm sure that you have seen as most of your own hands. The fellow with the long no fans looking over a wall yes. That's Kilroy a pack and there are number of stories about where. Torre. The derivation and where that came from but I think the most accurate version is that. There was an inspector named Joseph Torre moved. We'd go around and make certain to ask all rivets were in there and ship in the tank whatever. And long story short. Got to the point where after he had done his inspection and he put this logo this icon who were all from Maryland. With two words Torre was here well how which meant that he had he's visiting detected now well of course it just grew. Explain nationally from there. And it became. To wash word and go word for soldiers Marines navy. And when they were good. Secure vis your location. Kilroy was here and now it all over. The war front and let me tell another story. About though. One of our veterans human and I mentioned earlier. Phil Blake yes and Phil is more and we're strong grew up in. Once Tonga Oklahoma during a depression years and he joined the US army in 1940 tunes or three years in the South Pacific. And they didn't want my fair restorers about Phil relation to his personal experience with your way. In 1944. When Phil is an army sergeant serving was an anti aircraft unit in the South Pacific. It stopped in New Guinea today and he decided to dive down to see a sunken Japanese ship during my. And of course he later said it wasn't such a wise decision. Phil said there was a lot deeper and I thought when people were young do they're kind of foolish area front back. The funny thing is that he didn't make it. And guess alive. On that sunken ship on the side of that there were there words Torre was here. All. I have to tell her her and yeah exactly. It. And. I just a follow up on an. Big maybe because of Phil's personal experience but also the recognition that. How iconic. This little phase and those words were. We decided to make it a part of a monument Tahoe. And the monument itself is the teaser for your audience. There are two panels black granite six foot tall and about eight inches thick. And David mark the various. War fronts gives information about. How many people participated and so on and so forth on the front. And it's quite majestic moment on the back if you come around there is a cure Roy logo on your wireless here so. Even what this formal monument we had a little fun whether. That's really great. If you guys are just joining us and one and over talking about guess what you can catch this entire interview at power 935 dot com. But if you just want to close outs really clicked for now we are visiting about the world fourteen memorial celebration it's going to be held at 3 PM. On Sunday may 28 and veterans memorial park in Wichita. This event is mark the completion of the World War II memorial project at the park and honor those who served. And this is it gonna include everything it's gonna be really great afternoon music presentation and it's going to be a flyover. And course Fremont shares. And since it's outside no weather permitting you know keep an eye on everything C know whether to bring an umbrella or some sunblock you know I'm just so you're already dealt. And this is all been done with. Really by the health of of the board and he says that you guys all got together. Years back started in 2010. Our first meeting I think Murray and the first official formal meeting was October 32000. So how does it feel candidates and that's kind of completion. To great sense of satisfaction. And frankly. One of the most pride full things. I have done or been involved way. And I Naia my father like my personal involvement. Initially to us through my friendship with field players come. Back. I was quickly on board because. My father was a World War II veterans serving in the army. And he was in euros or some funny for much I mean. Men and supplies. Across Europe. I am behind often behind enemy lines them and was in the battle bowl which my five shots fired bronze stars purple heart. And so it was very easy for me to be supportive of this moral. And I have a rare for him and also two uncles served in wars and only god jet personal. Ownership or possession. It's important. For our community and for our veterans. And for which dropped to you to have this bear. Means so much Jameer and all of the members overboard. Wolf firms from someone his grandfather. Served in the army deferred during world where T I think you for you guys in the board for taking this upon your cells here. Seeing an all the way to completion in its kind of peer really great event. And if you that's gonna find out more or don't worry you can check it out you can get a which tell World War II memorial dot com the teal as two eyes. So would you tell World War II eyes memorial dot com. You can check out their website it's got all the infill on Mary can hear about the story of killer you can check out. The photo albums and they've got and find out about he train seventeen celebration that's gonna happen coming out. On May 28 it'll start at 3 PM at veterans memorial park in Wichita. And misses its mark the completion of the project and this is gonna be great afternoon if you wanna find out more information. You call 3162625788. That's 3166. To 5780. Think he's so much for being on the air with us today. It's a real pleasure Moran. To have this opportunity talk about something so near and dear to me and I appreciate your excitement and and here I understand your knowledge. And again going back to the history atmospheric and hand. We're a solar grade history of Kansas and Kansas is involvement. And maybe you know Laura success. At one point in time. There are 55000. Aircraft workers. In Wichita alone for me and let me check my figures here. Testing credit 40%. And Anders attire and here because hopefully your listeners know about doctor mom restored between yet. More than 40%. Of all the B 29 flu and war were made in which I mean and those are big planes theory huge. And of course it was a between nine. Or between irons that. We're involved. And completion of the war and Pacific by dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think let me suggest you use it where I would like to leave golf. I've mentioned and gone strands book and and they're nerves and unattributed prayer. He had to lead off one chapters. And might be a good way for us. To leave all our guests and Steve and that prayer was bureau lured lest I continue my complacent way. He'll major remember that somewhere. Somehow after a man died for me today. As long as their prewar I must answer in my word dine for. Be sure to be a part of this this is an event that you don't wanna miss him Wichita. It's the World War II memorial celebration at 3 PM Sunday may 28. Of veterans memorial park in Wichita. You're listening to empower Wichita on power 93 point five.