Boeing closing Puget Sound operations

Boeing production has closed to clean in the wake of COVID19.

But the production pause is now indefinite, according to the company.

Analysts say Spirit will now be in the process of evaluating next steps. They also say the Boeing pause in production brings uncertainty.

“There is the uncertainty about actually when they (Boeing) will reopen because right now the end-user market in terms of airlines and financiers and the people who fly in them has completely collapsed,” said Teal Aviation Group Sr. Analyst Richard Aboulafia. “So unless some kind of intervention is provided in the way of government money to keep jets produced it’s not really clear how many are going to be built.”

Aboulafia says Spirit has been on a timeline of late May or June to restart production of the 737 MAX with major hurdles being cleared each week.

KSN asked Spirit about the Boeing pause in production for a now indefinite time.

“With Boeing’s announcement Sunday, April 5, that it will now extend the temporary shutdown of its Puget Sound operations until further notice, Spirit AeroSystems will now need to reassess re-starting its Boeing programs on April 8 as previously announced,” said Keturah Austin, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications.” “The company will communicate its revised plans to employees over the coming days. “

Along with the 737 MAX, Spirit has workers on the 787 and other Boeing lines of production.