City of Wichita establishes budget for COVID-19 Pandemic

The Wichita City Council approved a preliminary budget of $1 million to compile and track costs associated with the City’s response to COVID-19.

The city says the coronavirus pandemic is expected to create revenue shortfalls, due to increased expenditures in some areas. Should federal aid or other public assistance become available, the city wants to be in a position to rapidly respond.

City Manager Robert Layton confirmed that while the budget is set at $1 million, it doesn't necessarily mean the city will spend that entire amount. Likewise, if the city needs more in the budget, they'll have to approve that at a later date.

The city says any remaining costs that are not reimbursed may be charged back to the appropriate operating budgets or may be financed through the issuance of debt.

For more information regarding the local impacts to our community due to COVID-19, please check out our Coronavirus page.

In other council news, the sale of $32 million in water and sewer utility revenue bonds was approved.  According to the city, the proceeds from the sale will be used to permanently finance and reimburse project costs incurred to date and to provide funding for bond reserve requirements and financing costs.

The council also approved a supplemental design agreement and additional funding for the city's Aquatics Master Plan. The agreement will add the design of College Hill pool and complete a topographical survey for the College Hill and Minisa pool sites. The additional cost is just over $707 thousand.

Last October, the city council approved a budget of $14.15 million.