Governor Kelly imposes new ban on evictions, foreclosures

Governor Laura Kelly held a press conference at 4 p.m., Monday, August 17, from the Topeka Statehouse, providing updates regarding COVID-19 cases in Kansas.

The governor started off the press briefing by stating that on August 19 at noon, the $130 million COVID-relief grants will open up for Kansas businesses that have been affected by the pandemic. For more information on the KDOC COVID-19 relief grants, click here.

In her Monday briefing, Governor Kelly discussed the latest COVID-19 numbers in the state, including 1,282 new COVID-19 positive cases and three deaths since Friday. There have been 2,034 COVID-19 related hospitalizations in Kansas.

The governor mentioned Dr. Deborah Birx with the White House Coronavirus Task Force, who visited Kansas over the weekend. Kansas has been identified as a red zone by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The governor said during Dr. Birx’s visit, she emphasized it’s important to understand that in Kansas — the coronavirus is both an urban and rural issue.

Governor Kelly issued an executive order by enacting a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, saying, “This pandemic is still devastating to our communities and preventing people from working. The federal pandemic unemployment compensation of $600 per week has lapsed. This executive order will last for two weeks in hopes that the Senate gets its act together. If the Senate doesn’t act within two weeks, I will sign another extension,” She further said. “No Kansan should be kicked out of their home during this pandemic. That’s just wrong.”

The governor said her administration is looking into ways to support landlords while the eviction moratorium is in effect.