Local COVID-19 numbers for Wednesday, July 29

Here are the local COVID-19 numbers for Wednesday, July 29, 2020:

Kansas, with a total population of more than 2.9 million people, has recorded nearly 27,000 positive cases of the coronavirus, up 2.7% (nearly 700 cases) since Monday.

28% of the state's positive cases (down 2% from a week ago), and 68% of the deaths (down 7% from last week), have come from more than 300 clusters/outbreaks of COVID-19. A cluster is defined as "two or more non-household COVID-19 cases identified in a certain timeframe and place." .. more than 100 of those clusters have occurred in private businesses, and 44 of those outbreaks from private businesses are still active. Among all the reported clusters, 138 remain active.

12% of Kansas COVID-19 cases have come from meatpacking plants; that number has gone down 1% from last week.

54% of Kansas COVID-19 deaths have come in long-term care facilities; that number is down 4% from a week ago.

Fewer than 10% of all Kansas residents have been tested. 

Among those tested in the state, 91% have tested negative for the coronavirus, and 9% positive; those levels have remained steady.

The state says fewer than 10% of cases have required hospitalization; that percentage has remained steady.

There have been 1,700 hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Kansas, up another 3% (64 patients) from Monday.

The state reports 14 additional deaths from the virus since Monday (up 4%); there have been 349 deaths in the state. Among the positive cases in Kansas, 1.3% have resulted in death; that percentage remains steady. The median age for COVID-19 fatalities in Kansas is at 78 years of age.

The state's highest one-day death total (10) last occurred more than three-and-a-half months ago, in early April.

Sedgwick County has recorded nearly 3,900 positive cases, adding 80 new cases from the day before (up 2%). There have been 38 COVID-19 deaths in Sedgwick County. Among the cases in Sedgwick County, fewer than 1% have resulted in death; that percentage has gone down slightly.

10% of Sedgwick County residents have been tested for COVID-19.

17% of the state's positive cases have been recorded in Sedgwick County and its surrounding counties; that number has gone up 1% from Monday.

The highest number of new daily cases (147) was recorded in Sedgwick County 19 days ago, on July 10.

The peak for the rolling 14-day average of the positive percentage of all tests in Sedgwick County came 
six days ago, at 13.8% -- higher than it was back in mid-April at its previous peak.That percentage bottomed out below 1% in late May, but for the past two months it climbed steadily -- however, during the past six days it has begun to decline.

Sedgwick County has more than 200 ICU beds available; they are currently 89% filled, with 32 of them occupied by COVID-19 patients.

Sedgwick County now has 63 total patients hospitalized who are COVID-19 positive, five more than a week ago.

The age range with the highest percentage of hospitalizations in Kansas (20%) are those between the ages of 55-64.

The age range with the highest percentages of positive cases requiring hospitalization in Kansas are those 75-84, with 42% of those cases requiring hospitalization.

The age range with the most positive cases in Kansas (19%) are those between the ages of 25-34. In that age range, 4% of cases require hospitalization.

Among COVID-19 cases in Kansas, 483 patients (1.8%) have required placement in the ICU, and 174 (0.6%) required mechanical ventilation; those numbers are both down from two weeks ago.

Among COVID-19 hospitalizations in Kansas, 28% requre placement in the ICU, and 10% require a ventilator; those numbers have decreased slightly during the past two weeks.