USD259 BOE: n-person classes preK-5, remote grades 6-12

USD 259 board members voted 5 to 2 to start the school year with Pre-K through 5th grade students using a hybrid of onsite and My School remote.  Middle and high school students will use My School remote only.  This means no school activities for nine weeks, including the cancelation of the fall sports season.   

Superintendent Alicia Thompson says parents have until August 28 to decide if their elementary students will use on-site or My School remote.  If parents do not make a decision by the 28th, their students will be defaulted to onsite learning if that is an option.

Schools will remain in moderate restrictions for at least nine weeks before the board reconsiders.

Wichita Public Schools also voted to adapt Kansas Department of Education gating criteria with some exceptions.  The word "hybrid" will be replaced with "MySchool Remote" in every instance.

Gating Criteria
Wichita Public Schools

The board unanimously voted to adopt a COVID-19 advisory committee which would include board members, district leaders, district nurses and more. The committee will make recommendations to the board.

Classes for Wichita Public Schools are scheduled to start September 8.