Wichita hopes to clarify bar, restaurant owners’ concerns

The city of Wichita will host a meeting on Monday to talk with some business owners to work out solutions to support them during the pandemic. This comes as bars, nightclubs, and some restaurants wrap up another weekend of shutdowns and early closures under a health order from Sedgwick County.

The owner of Quincy’s Bar and Grill says dealing with shutdowns and early closures have been tough. The same amount of people are out and about, and now they have fewer places to go.

“Honestly, I think limiting the occupancy is a better idea right now. It allows everybody to make some money not near as much as we would like, but it allows most of your mom and pop places to continue doing what they have been doing for years,” said Kyle Estep.

Mayor Brandon Whipple said the city’s first priority is limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

“Our number one focus is to make sure people are healthy, and we slow the spread of the coronavirus which right now is just spiking, but also ensuring that we can keep our small businesses alive and afloat so once this passes they can get back to work,” Whipple said.