Wichita Open Air program offered to businesses

The City of Wichita is now offering a new program, Open Air ICT, to support local businesses and protect public health during the pandemic. The Wichita City Council approved the program on Tuesday which allows restaurants, bars and retail stores to apply for a free permit to use the adjacent sidewalks, streets and on-site parking. Businesses may use the areas for shopping, dining, drinking and advertising. The permit will help businesses provide safer environments for their customers to social distance.

The City is offering a streamlined application and approval process so businesses may begin using the outdoor spaces as soon as possible. Business owners may apply and learn more about the process at www.wichita.gov/openairICT. City staff will respond to applicants within two business days.

“The Open Air ICT process is designed to move business applications along quickly for approval,” Assistant Public Works Director Gary Janzen said. “It’s a top priority for us because businesses need to be able to offer this safe outdoor opportunity to their customers.”

CLICH HERE to view a list of approved Open Air ICT businesses making it simple to find outdoor places to shop, dine and drink while social distancing. 

The Open Air ICT program will run through August 1, 2021.