Travis Scott

Travis Scott Arrested in Arkansas

If Kylie Jenner wants a man who stays out of trouble, she might want to dismiss Travis Scott . Her new rapper boo was arrested in Arkansas for inciting a riot during a live concert. After Scott performed his sold out show in Rogers, Arkansas, the cops meet him at the gate and took him in for...
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Travis Scott in Concert

Travis Scott Gives Fan Ring for Knowing All of "3500" Lyrics

Houston rapper Travis Scott is beginning to be known as the guy who gives fans his rings! Although, was this most recent ring-giving a kind gesture or a guilty feeling? The most recent fan was given one of the rapper's flashy rings for knowing all of the words to Scott's hit "3500". But here’s the...
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7 To Watch On the 2017 Coachella Live Stream

Coachella is finally here, officially kicking off the spring/summer music festival season! Now, we know some of you may be bummed because you can't get out to the desert for the annual music fest, so we'll just bring it to you, live! Below, we’ve got a Coachella live stream that's slated to...
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